~∙ WELCOME TO INSANITY ... and the unknown ∙~

A little sketch blog from two insane, little Artist. ~ Nothing special. Mostly from gcq since Aimui is getting lazy ... lol But welp, gcq can also submit her stuff. /gg
You can find here doodles, WiPs, sketches and other crappy things. :3

∙ Subway Master (pkmn BW) ∙ Pokémon ∙ IB ∙ yandere stuff ∙ Shojo Stuff ∙ Ragnarok Online and other things I guess ... ( a bunch of Animes Aiumi watch too ...)

We like playing GAMES like:
∙ Osu! ∙ Ragnarok Online (both on p-server rebirthRO, gcq also on cookieRO and another RO server which has no name ... I guess) ∙ Pokémon ∙ Ib ∙ Touhou (gcq, even if she fails like shit) ∙ Minecraft (we have a own little server)

We hope you like our stuff.
Have nice day!